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Pregnant women face concerns during coronavirus pandemic

Marissa Carollo is 29 weeks pregnant with identical twins, two baby girls.

“Having twins is stressful enough,” Carollo said. “Adding in the coronavirus with it is even more stress for me.”

This is her second pregnancy. She has a 15-month-old son, A.J. 

But this time around is much different. She is hoping her husband will be allowed to be there when she gives birth.

“Not having my husband with me is a fear just because I’m having twins it’s a high risk pregnancy,” Carollo said. “Just the emotional support he gave me last time, I want him there this time.”

Carollo plans to give birth at Rome Memorial Hospital. She is concerned because some New York City hospitals have banned all visitors in the delivery room. Rome Memorial Hospital hasn’t, they’re allowing one support person in the delivery room upon passing a health screening.

You just never know if it’s going to get worse and they’re not going to let anybody in there by the time I deliver,” Carollo said.

She is due June 8, but she says with twins, it could be earlier.

“With identical twins you don’t usually go past 37 weeks so sometime in May,” Carollo said.

There are other concerns that have crossed her mind, like keeping all three of her children safe.

“I have a 15-month-old so I wouldn’t want him to catch anything obviously,” Carollo said. “Also too, when I deliver the babies, how do I keep them safe in the hospital, and going forward with this virus that’s spreading around.”

Carollo has been talking with her doctors who are guiding her through this process.

“They have great, they have provided great moral support to me and just helping me to relax more and telling me it’s going to be okay,” Carollo said.

She says she just wants to do what is best for her family.

“If I can’t have him there, I have to do what I have to do for the health of my babies,” Carollo said. “It’s a disappointment, you can’t be around the people you love around an exciting time.”

While gatherings with friends and families have been put on hold, Carollo is looking forward to many celebrations still to come.