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Gov’t steps up measures to improve women’s rights, welfare

BUTUAN CITY, March 13 (PIA) – The government continues to step up measures in protecting the rights and welfare of the women and youth.

However, in cases of violence and abuse, victims at times are the ones being blamed and judged for such experience.

According to Atty. Euvic Ferrer of legal section of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Caraga, it has a negative effect to the victims of violence and abuse.

Because of victim-blaming, women victims are becoming hesitant to report the abuse to the authorities with the notion that they would be humiliated, instead of putting the blame to the perpetrators.

Victim-blaming or the act of transferring the blame to a victim of sexual abuse or violence, like how short a rape victim’s skirt is, tends to send a wrong signal to victims of abuse. Victim-blaming effectively silences female victims of abuse by conditioning them to think that their misfortune is their fault, and not a direct result of a sexual predator’s reprehensible actions. It is a step back in our government’s efforts to hold people accountable for their crimes; that it effectively promotes impunity,” underscored Ferrer.

Atty. Ferrer also emphasized that the safety and security of the women against any form of violence and abuse is the primary right of the said sector.

With this concern, it reaps varying reactions from the public.

“It really depends on girls on how they think they should dress up themselves. If they are comfortable wearing sexy clothes, then it’s up to them. On the other hand, we could not control how men see and think over girls who wear sexy clothes,” said Ellen Yasay, a vendor in Butuan City.

“It is never right to blame women and girls for wearing sexy clothes that’s why they are harassed. It is always their right to be respected,” said Rochelle Montalvo, a private employee.

Concepcion Villanueva, a senior citizen in one of the barangays of this city also said that men using illegal drugs are really prone to do and violate the law. Once they use an illegal drug, anyone’s life, be it a baby or an elderly is really in danger,” she bared.  (JPG/PIA-Caraga)