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Ayesha Curry denies hitting women for wearing sexy clothes after posting photos in bikini

Stephen Curry’s wife responds to an accusation that she once embarrassed other women for posting bikini photos after sharing her own sexy images of her romantic vacation with her husband.

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Ayesha Curry has faced criticism after sharing sexy photos of her romantic vacation with her husband Stephen Curry (II) On Instagram. The author of the cookbook has been accused of shaming other women in the past for posting bikini photos, but has quickly denied it.

Under Ayesha’s photos with a two-piece blue bikini while hugging her husband, a follower commented: “Were you not beating other women for posting photos in a bikini? Hahaha.” Ayesha replied: “No, never really. It’s really easy for people to read things, make assumptions and turn a complete nothing into something.”

The aforementioned user pointed out Ayesha’s old tweet in which he said: “Everyone likes to wear clothes these days, huh? It’s not my style. I like to keep good things covered up for whoever matters (emoji laughs).” This user added in his comment: “Those were his words. It’s great: people change and 99.9% of the time people with opinions like the previous one tend to go back at a later date.”

“His body is amazing and I felt that his opinion about # 39; staying covered for the one that matters # 39; was an insidious and outdated opinion,” the critic continued. “I was waiting for the inevitable day you posted a photo in a bikini and you helped prove that IT IS NOT BAD TO SHOW SOME SKIN.”

But Ayesha denied that her old tweet was a hit for people who wore sexy clothes in general. “I was talking about someone walking casually shopping in nipple patties,” explained the sighting that caused his tweet at that time. “I still find it very funny. But nobody will ever know.”

Applauding the critic, he added: “You must expand the thinking process in the tweets of 140 characters. It is not always so serious. But I love you all for spending it to try to find a weak point.”

In the same Instagram post, Ayesha faced an enemy who called her: “Steph married a real farm animal.” The mother of three children skillfully replied, “yes, a GOAT, I know.” He was referring to the acronym that means “the greatest of all time” as opposed to the animal.